Tourism & Ageing

26-29 October 2016
ISCTE-IUL Portugal

Over the past decades, tourism industry has become a sector of major social and economic relevance for most countries around the world. The number of companies that operate in this sector has grown greatly in recent years, employing a total of approximately 12 million people just in Europe (Eurostat, 2015).

However, like other economic sectors, tourism has been also affected by new challenges as it is the case of new demographic trends, security threats, and technology developments. Life expectancy has been rising, and demographic projections forecast a further increase over the next forty years. By the year 2050, it is estimated that 31.3% of the EU population will be 65 or above. The issue of population ageing is a new challenge with which the tourism sector has to deal with and adapt.


The 2nd Tourism & Ageing conference aims to discuss the influence of ageing on the tourism industry world-wide promoting the dialogue across disciplines with the most respected national and international academic and professional experts.


It will focus primarily on the following four themes:

  • Tourism & Ageing
  • Wellbeing, Health and Ageing
  • Human Resources & Ageing
  • Tourism Marketing & Ageing