Tourism & Ageing

26-29 October 2016
ISCTE-IUL Portugal

  • OCtober, 26th

  • 18:00 | Welcome Reception ( Exhibiton Room - Building II - 1st Floor) 



  • OCTOBER, 27TH 

  • 09:30 | Opening Ceremony (Auditorium B103 - Building II - 1st Floor)

                                 Luís Antero Reto  Rector of ISCTE-IUL    

                                 Luís Araújo  President of Turismo de Portugal,I.P.

                                 José Paulo Esperança  Dean of ISCTE Business School

                                 Ana Passos  Conference Chair of ISCTE-IUL


    10:00 | Asad Moshin  University of Waikato, New Zealand | Marketing Tourism and Hospitality Services to the Ageing: An intercultural assessment  ( Auditorium B103 - Building II - 1st Floor) 


    11:00 | Coffee break


    11:30 | Round Table ( Tourism Room - B1.03) 

                   Title: New Business Concept in Hospitality and Tourism

                   Moderator: Hélia Pereira  Assistant Professor at ISCTE-IUL

                                      Gonçalo Rebelo de Almeida  Board Member Vila Galé Hotéis        

                                      Mário Ferreira  Chief Executive Officer at NAU Hotels & Resorts

                                      Nuno Ferreira Pires  Executive Committee and Board Member at Pestana Hotel Group      


    13:00 | Lunch


    14:30 | Parallel Session 

                   Tourism Room ( Auditorium B103 - Building II - 1st Floor) 

                               14:30    Sónia Avelar  Following Grey Tourism Evolution in Europe

                               14:45    Elisa Nogueira  Let's Dance: leisure services as empowering experiences

                               15:00    Mojgan Chapariha  Proper indicators of Green Public Spaces En Route to Enhance Well-being of Elderly People

                               15:15    Deborah Dahab  International Retired Migrants in Portugal: Acculturation Strategies and Outcomes

                               15:30    Helena Rodrigues  Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all: A critical analyses on cosmetic surgery and dental procedures based on senior consumer's perspective


                   Ageing Room ( Auditorium B104 - Building II - 1st Floor) 

                                14:30   Sandra Loureiro  Captivating tourists to Museums: young versus senior museum visitors

                                14:45    Padma Panchapakesan Self-image and subjective well-being in medical tourism: role of age and behavior intentions 

                                15:00   Jan Middendorf  Living the live with healthy experiences: New-age eldery in Germany

                                15:15    Kuo Feng  Social Connectedness: How Luxury Senior Living Facilities Help Curtail Social Isolation Through Cultural Activities in China

                                15:30    Namércio Cunha  Heritage and Social events as facilitators of relationship quality in wine sector

                                15:45    Sandra Loureiro  Engaging the eldery Tourists with museums


    16:00 | Coffee break


    16:30 | Round Table ( Auditorium B103 - Building II - 1st Floor) 

                      Title: New Trends in Wellbeing, Health and Ageing

                       Moderator: Sandra Loureiro  Assistant Professor at ISCTE-IUL

                                         Francisco Madelino President at INATEL Foundation

                                         Jorge Catarino   Professor at INDEG-ISCTE

                                         Rita Soares  CEO and Founder at Herdade da Malhadinha Nova



    17:30 | Meet the Editor  of  Work , Aging and Retirement | Mo Wang


    20:00 | Gala Dinner

  • OCTOBER, 28TH 

  • 09:00 | Mo Wang  University of Florida, USA  |  Human Resource Management and Ageing in Tourism: Challenges and Opportunities ( Auditorium B103 - Building II - 1st Floor) 


    10:00 | Parallel Sessions 

                    Tourism Room ( Auditorium B103 - Building II - 1st Floor) 

                                 10:00    Madalena Malva  Satisfaction and Service Quality and Life in the institutions for seniors             

                                 10:10  Cristina Oliveira  Quality of life of Senior Residential Tourists:  A Literature Review and Future Research

                                 10:20    Inês Sousa  Age diversity and HRM practices: how to manage a diverse workforce in the tourism sector?

                                 10:30    Dominik Huber  The use of biographical research on the tourism behaviour of senior citizens in Freising, Germany


    11:00 | Coffee break


    11:30 | Round Table ( Auditorium B103 - Building II - 1st Floor) 

                     Title: Critical HR issues for tourism: Today and future challenges for late life tourism

                      Moderator: Sara Ramos  Assistant Professor at ISCTE-IUL

                                     Ana Silvestre  Director of Human Resources & Security at Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & SPA                                  

                                     João Vieira  Human Resources Director at Corinthia Hotel Lisboa

                                     Raúl Filipe President at Escola Superior de Hotelaria e Turismo do Estoril


    13:00 | Lunch


    14:30 | Adela Balderas  Bilbao Chamber of Commerce University College, Spain and Basque Culinary Center – University of Mondragon, Spain  |  Health & Senior Tourism: Its impact as determinant, as motivator & as result ( Auditorium B103 - Building II - 1st Floor) 


    15:30 | Parallel Sessions

                    Tourism Room ( Auditorium B103 - Building II - 1st Floor) 

                                15:45   Dominik Huber  Tourism constraints and facilitators among the elderly in Freising, Germany 

                                16:00    Joana Pereira  Health tourism and older people: An opportunity for public policies? A discussion based on the Portuguese stakeholders’ viewpoint

                                 16:15   Catarina Marques  Enotourism in the Alentejo, Portugal: Profing the mature and non-mature travellers


                     Ageing Room (Auditorium B103 - Building II - 1st Floor) 

                                15:30  Jaime Faria  What does promote the effectiveness of kitchen teams? Perspectives of restaurants Chefs

                                15: 45   Berfu Goren  How important is the urban design of city centres for senior tourism? Discussing the case of Istanbul

                               16:00    Jonghyun Park  Agenda of Tourism Cooperation in Cross Border Region in East Asia: A Case Study of Busan-Fukuoka Promotions


    16:30 | Coffee break


    17:00 | Round Table ( Auditorium B103 - Building II - 1st Floor) 

                    Title: A transformative political agenda

                     Moderator: Ana Brochado Assistant Professor at ISCTE-IUL

                                      António Abrantes General Secretary of Confederação do Turismo Português         

                                      Cristina Siza Vieira Executive President of Associação da Hotelaria de Portugal

                                      Teresa Ferreira Director of Development and Innovation Department of Turismo de Portugal 

                                      Vasco Silva Partner and Founder at Kleya Primium Living 



    18:30 | Closing Ceremony ( Auditorium B103 - Building II - 1st Floor) 




  • 09:00 | LISBON Social Trip